Free – 10 Minute Body Scan to kick start your Day

What is a Body Scan

This 10 minute body scan is a great way to get control of your morning and start your day in the best possible way.  Don’t worry if at first you fall asleep during the body scan.  It is perfectly normal and happens to most people when they start their practice.   As time goes on you will learn to “Fall awake” and become conscious of your body.


The first Step is often the Hardest

That First Step on a journey can be the hardest. You put it off as long as you can

….but just think of how proud you will feel after you take that step.


The Journey

What they Never Tell you about Goals…..

Goals are great and an important part of life.  I set big goals all the time but there is an important part of goal setting that not many people focus on.  I found this out the hard.