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Is Perfection the Root of all Evil?

How often have we put ourselves under Pressure so we appear to have the 💯 Perfect Life?


🔸I ALWAYS have the best hair.

🔸I ALWAYS have the best clothes.

🔸I ALWAYS have the best car.

🔸I ALWAYS have the best holidays.

🔸I ALWAYS do the best job.

🔸I ALWAYS say the the right things.

🔸I ALWAYS have the best results.

🔸I ALWAYS look my best online.

We could go on and on…


What are you missing out on in your never ending Pursuit of Perfection and the Perfect Lifestyle?

If anything slips from being “Perfect” then our world may come crashing down like a house of cards.

Is this Pursuit of Perfection the cause of so much Anxiety in the world?

Ask yourself this:

If this was your final week on Earth… How much of what “has to be perfect” really matters?


Men with Inhibitions need to do Ballet

A few months ago my daughter came home from her ballet class and said there would be a “Daddy-Daughter Ballet” class on Valentines week. It was being organised to raise money for LauraLynn – Ireland’s Children’s Hospice.

As you can imagine, I wasn’t looking forward to it at all but I knew it was for a good cause.

All the stories in my head

How stupid I would look…

I have two left feet…

Ballet is for girls…

I can’t dance…

Then I looked at my daughter and how excited she was so…


I knew had to embrace it for her and let go of any fear I had. I reluctantly let my daughter pick out my ballet uniform for the day.
(It actually wasn’t too bad to be honest, black running tights and a white T-shirt, no tutu !)

The day arrived and when we entered the class, I could see that all the other Dads, brothers, uncles, Granddads who also came to the class They were all feeling the same as me. We are looked Very nervous.

Then something magical happened

We let go of our inhibitions.

We remembered what it was like when we were young

We stopped caring what other people thought of us.

We encouraged each other and had so much fun with our children.

We forgot about any of our problems for an hour and just had fun!

Everyone left the class that day with a big smile on their face but the biggest smiles were on our children faces. They got to show us how amazing they are and how fear never gets in THEIR way.

In doing so, our children also thought us a big lesson and inspired their Dads.

Its amazing how we let our inhibitions stop us from enjoying life sometimes.  Thank you Clare Connolly Dance for helping all us Daddy’s to release our Inner Child at Daddy Daughter day 2018….

Let go of Inhibitions, you never know who you could Inspire