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Is Perfection the Root of all Evil?

How often have we put ourselves under Pressure so we appear to have the 💯 Perfect Life?


🔸I ALWAYS have the best hair.

🔸I ALWAYS have the best clothes.

🔸I ALWAYS have the best car.

🔸I ALWAYS have the best holidays.

🔸I ALWAYS do the best job.

🔸I ALWAYS say the the right things.

🔸I ALWAYS have the best results.

🔸I ALWAYS look my best online.

We could go on and on…


What are you missing out on in your never ending Pursuit of Perfection and the Perfect Lifestyle?

If anything slips from being “Perfect” then our world may come crashing down like a house of cards.

Is this Pursuit of Perfection the cause of so much Anxiety in the world?

Ask yourself this:

If this was your final week on Earth… How much of what “has to be perfect” really matters?