Is it Time for a Pattern Interrupt?

How we React is formed from years and sometimes generations of Patterns.

“It’s just the way we Always did it!”
(Sound familiar?)

If you would rather Respond instead of React all the time, you need to learn how to press “Pause” on those old Patterns.

Patterns that have existed inside you for years, possibly for generations. That Autopilot inside all of us that instantly supplies us with a reaction based on passed experience. Based on what we have seen, over and over again.

How often, after the dust settles, have you wished you reacted differently?

Wished you just Paused for a second before Autopilot kicked in?

It’s not Easy.

Trying to put your Emotional Response on the shelf for a few seconds.

It takes Time and Practice to create that Pattern Interrupt between an Emotional Reaction and a Mindful Response. Growing that muscle that will kick in when you are triggered so you can Respond the way you wish you did.

➡️Where do you even start?

Sure Mindfulness is just Meditation and that’s for those Monks in the Orange Robe’s, not me!
(I used to think the same…)

✨Mindfulness is not just Meditation.✨

At it’s core Mindfulness is about creating:
Awareness and Acceptance inside Ourselves.

Not going through life Judging ourself for how we once Reacted, a long time ago.

Letting go of those Ruminating thoughts and Patterns.

Letting go of trying to predict what someone might say or how a situation might pan out.

Learning to gently bring ourselves back to the Person we Love to be around.

It can all start by just Pausing our Autopilot so we can check in with ourselves, to see how we are.

Pausing to appreciate those little Moments. Moments when we blinked, forgot about them and they are gone for ever…

If you’re interested breaking those Patterns, we can help.